you & me & the dogs

you & me & the dogs


If you or someone you know loves their furry little friends this is the right box for them. This box includes:

  • Mountain Madness Co 'Dog Shampoo Bar' is loved my many of our customers. They use an essential oil blend of tea tree (a natural antiseptic for dry skin or hot spots), peppermint for odor and citronella for fleas and ticks. Their bars never contain any phosphates so you can take your four legged friend down to the river or stream and wash away without hurting our water friends.

  • An adorable sign by local maker Niftae Thriftae

  • Dogs are our best friends, so why should they be left out of the gift giving list? Our Dog Grass Garden-in-a-Bag is made with Barley grass, its rich in vitamins and minerals, and dogs LOVE them! They are self contained, and eco-friendly. As a great source of chlorophyll, this grass acts as a natural detoxifier, mild antibiotic, and deodorizer; it helps your dog with indigestion and illness. There is a medical reason that dogs eat grass, and this takes care of that, even in a small spaces. Great for apartment livings, or homes with humans that work all day.

    An easy to grow treat for pet health and vitality. Includes: organic seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, directions. Bag 7" high x 6" wide.

  • Our handcrafted keepsake Lucky Box

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