Mountain Madness Soap Co. - Dog Shampoo

Mountain Madness Soap Co. - Dog Shampoo


Our 'Dog Shampoo Bar' is loved my many of our customers. We use an essential oil blend of tea tree (a natural antiseptic for dry skin or hot spots), peppermint for odor and citronella for fleas and ticks. Our bars never contain any phosphates so you can take your four legged friend down to the river or stream and wash away without hurting our water friends.

All of our ‘Dog Shampoo Bars’ and our ‘Everything Bar’ are made with a vegetable blend of organic sustainable palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and essential oils.  They have viscous lather and no phosphates so they are safe for river and stream bathing.

Our ‘Shampoo Bars’ are mighty, pressed, square, concentrating bars that lather well and last for approximately 80 shampoos.  Choose from four scents from our drop down menu and choose to have it packaged in a rice bag or a metal travel tin.

All of our soaps are made with a base of rich green olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil and organic coconut oil. Our soaps have amazing lather and the rich olive oil gives them great conditioning properties. We retain the natural glycerin that forms when the soap is being made and that makes up approximately 12% of the bar ingredients.

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