Ficks Moscow Mule Mix

Ficks Moscow Mule Mix


Read about this liquid goodness from our friends at Ficks:

Ficks Premium Moscow Mule Mix makes it easy for you to whip up a consistently spectacular Moscow Mule by simply pairing with your favorite vodka – and copper mug of course! The secret to our mule’s signature spicy kick is our locally sourced organic ginger juice, made from fresh raw organic ginger rhizomes in Northern California. We pair this with organic lime juice to give you an easy, outstanding, and heat filled mule with every pour.

One 32oz Moscow Mule

Add alcohol to make ten cocktails!

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe: 2 parts Ficks Premium Moscow Mule Mix + 1 part vodka. Serve in a copper mug!

Details: Contains no alcohol. Refrigerate after opening. Good for two weeks after opening.

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