Ficks Bloody Mary Mix

Ficks Bloody Mary Mix


Ficks Premium Bloody Mary Mix brings to life the rich and dense tomato with the introduction of horseradish, Worcestershire, and a strong dill creating a pickle brine addition that makes for an enjoyable, spicy, and eye opening Bloody Mary. But, it is not an overpowering spice. You’ll still be able to taste your brunch!

One 32oz Bloody Mary

Add alcohol to make ten cocktails!

Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe: 2 parts Ficks Premium Bloody Mary Mix + 1 part vodka and add ice. Garnish with a cucumber and anything else spicy and delicious you can think of.

Fiery Taste, only 35 Calories

Details: Contains no alcohol. Refrigerate after opening. Good for two weeks after opening.

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